2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

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Multimedia Authoring Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

The Multimedia Authoring concentration consists of 12 credits and combines theory and practice in contemporary media writing and public relations with hands-on experience in photography, videography and design. This concentration is open to students in any major wishing to develop the skills to both author and produce effective multimedia communications in a new media journalism and public relations context.

Required course (3 credits):

COMM/ENG-255W Introduction to News Writing

Select one course (3 credits):

COMM/ENG-305 Multimedia Reporting and Writing


COMM-347 Strategic Public Relations

Select one course (3 credits):

ART-322 Web Design and Development


ART-323 Graphic Design

Select one course (3 credits):

ART-344 Photography


ART-347 Videography I