2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

Organization Management Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

Consists of 18 credit hours. Majors in business administration may pursue an emphasis in organization management. 6 credits from the emphasis may be applied to the requirements for the major. 


BUS-420 Human Resource Management

BUS-468 Contemporary Issues in Business

PHIL-320E Professional Ethics

Plus 12 credit hours chosen from the following two categories:

3 or 6 credit hours from:

ECON-310 U.S. Economics & Business History

ECON-320 Labor Economics

ECON-330 Government & Business

ECON-440 International Economics

6 or 9 credit hours from:

BUS-305X International Business and Entrepreneurship

BUS-365X Cross-Cultural Issues in Business

BUS-422X Entrepreneurship

BUS-478X Strategic Management

COMM-315 Persuasion

COMM-325 Communication in the Organization

COMM-327 Interpersonal Communication

COMM-334 Intercultural Communication

COMM-347 Strategic Public Relations

COMM-349 Nonprofit Communication

ES-456 Management Concepts in Health Care

PSCI-380 Public Administration

SOC/PHIL-367 Conflict Transformation