2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

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American Studies Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

Consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours.  The following courses are required:

ENG-224W Introduction to American Studies

ENG-324 American Cultural History

And four courses (at least 3 credits from each category) chosen from the following:

Arts and Literature

Choose a minimum of one course from the following:

ART-300W Modern & Post-Modern Art

ENG-220 American Folklife

ENG-337W Asian American Literature

ENG-390 Southern Literature

ENG-400 Seminar in a Major Literary Figure

ENG-401 American Literature I

ENG-402 American Literature II

MUS-232 American Music

MUS/SOC-233 Social History of Jazz in America

Multiculturalism, Ethnicity, Class and Gender

Choose a minimum of one course from the following:

ENG-221 The Images of "folk" in Literature

ENG-243 Native American Literature and Culture

ENG-336 Literature of the Black Experience

HIST-340 American Indian History

SOC-333 Racial and Ethnic Studies

History and Culture

Choose a minimum of one course from the following:

COMM-230 Communication Technologies: History, Culture, and Society

ECON-310 U.S. Economics & Business History

ENG-222 American Lives

HIST-201 History of the United States to 1877

HIST-202 History of the United States Since 1877

HIST/REL-365 Foundations of American Religion

HIST-462 History of the United States South

SOC-338X Introduction to Material Culture Studies

Other elective courses, including those from study abroad programs, may be included with departmental approval.