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Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy

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Bridgewater College provides learning and development opportunities for students of all backgrounds. We provide training opportunities to offer students learning opportunities about equity and inclusion, including Safe Zone workshops. Our programs include heritage month celebrations, learning about cultural traditions and opportunities to dialogue with others. Additionally, our team is available to advocate for student success, as well as provide one-on-one time with members of the BC community.

We have space in the Kline Campus Center (KCC) where the Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion and the College Chaplain have an office. Our Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy houses the office for the Assistant Director for Diversity Education and Advocacy. The Center is physically located on 112 College View Drive. The center provides a variety of educational, social and cultural activities and programs that promote awareness and learning for students to increase their cultural competence.

Cultural awareness programs, student leadership initiatives, mentoring programs and international awareness are among the programs sponsored by the center. The programs, services and leadership opportunities are posted on the student life social media pages and myBC. We encourage BC students to stop by the center and learn about ways to engage. We suggest that all BC community members visit the center to see our multipurpose room with books and other resources to learn about different cultures.