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Bridgewater College is an environment where you meet people who will impact your life in tremendous ways. It is where you have the opportunity to express your opinions, share your ideas, and make a difference in the campus community. You will learn accountability and responsibility through activities and programs supported by dedicated, compassionate staff members and where you begin a lifetime of development that truly embodies the Bridgewater spirit.

Bridgewater College residential housing features a combination of traditional halls, suites, apartments, and houses. Washers and dryers are provided in the residential areas for student convenience at no additional cost during the academic year. Each hall has Resident Advisors (RAs) assigned to assist students with concerns and encourage their connection to the campus community. There are also 5 full-time professional staff members (Area Coordinators and Assistant Directors) who also live on campus in the residence halls. They serve in a 24/7 on-call rotation to assist with any emergency concerns after business hours, and to assist the Campus Police and Safety Department with crisis response.

All students are encouraged to take full advantage of opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth and development. Residence Life staff offers programs and activities in campus housing throughout the academic year. Also see the Office of Student Activities for more information about all the exciting ways you can get involved in on campus!

Bridgewater College has five (5) official breaks during the academic year: Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and April. During these times, students are required to vacate all campus housing. Students may request permission to remain on campus during breaks if they meet specific criteria. Students permitted to stay will be charged $35 per night on campus, unless they are staying due to a college obligation (ie. athletics, class trips, international travel). Dining services are closed during all five breaks and will resume the evening prior to the start of classes.

Students are responsible for the proper care of their rooms and furniture. Damage to rooms and furniture, or to other College property, will be divided and charged to those assigned to the space.

With limited exceptions, all full-time students are required to  live on campus. Students 23 years or older, or under the age of 16, at the start of the academic year will not be permitted to live on campus. Students enrolled for 12 credit hours or more will be automatically classified as a residential student. Students are no longer eligible for on-campus housing once they are enrolled as a graduate student. Students that fall below 12 credit hours after confirming enrollment are no longer able to reside on campus without the approval of the Director of Residential and Community Life. 

A student can apply to live off campus if they meet one of the following conditions and provide the proper documentation to support their request:

1) The student lives with their parent(s)or legal guardian(s)within one of the following counties: Augusta, Highland, Page, Rockingham and Shenandoah. The student’s address will be verified with the registrar’s office. Students approved to live off campus with parents and found to be living elsewhere may be billed for on-campus housing costs.

2) The student is 23 years of age or older at the start of the school year. The student’s age will be verified with the registrar’s office.

3) The student is/was a member of the armed forces. The student must include a copy of a service record or discharge papers with the application.

4) The student is married or is a custodial parent. Verification must be provided via a legible copy of your marriage license and/or completed tax forms.

5) The student is enrolled as a part-time student (taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester). Part-time status verification will be obtained from the registrar’s office. If a part-time student returns to full time status, the student is no longer eligible for off-campus status for future semesters and will be assigned to a residence hall space and billed for the cost.

6) The student is a fifth-year senior. A fifth-year senior for purposes of off-campus housing is defined as a student who has begun a ninth full time, 12 or more credits undergraduate semester. Completed semesters will be verified with the registrar’s office.

7) The student has a physical or mental health need that cannot be reasonably addressed through resources and special arrangements available on campus (which must be approved through the Office of Disability Services and Dr. Chip Studwell)

Students wishing to apply to live off campus may obtain an Off-Campus Housing Application form from the Department of Student Life, KCC 104 ( or on MyBC under Commuter Student Application. Students are strongly discouraged from signing a lease for an off-campus rental property until they receive written approval from the Director of Residential and Community Life, their designee, or the Housing Accommodation Review Board. If they are not approved to live off campus and sign a lease prematurely, they will have to pay room and board fees on campus as well as their off-campus rent.

Students are not required to live on campus during May Term or the summer sessions, although they are welcome to request to do so.