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Environmental Chemistry Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

The environmental chemistry emphasis allows students majoring in environmental science or biology to pursue additional depth of preparation in a unique combination of courses. Students learn chemical techniques, analytics, sampling methods and instrumentation which are relevant to the understanding of environmental issues. Learning to find trace atmospheric, soil and water-borne constituents of either human or natural origin are critical to identifying potential pollutants in water, soil and the organic tissues of living organisms. This emphasis gives students distinctive training in chemical analysis of the
The following courses are required:

CHEM-305 Organic Chemistry I


CHEM-306 Organic Chemistry II


CHEM-310 Organic Chemistry II & Spectroscopy

ENVR-320 Analytical Environmental Chemistry

GEOL-330 Soil and Hydrogeology

Choose two:

CHEM-380 Instrumental Analysis

ENVR/BIOL-360 Environmental Physiology

ENVR-401 Environmental Microbiology