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Freshwater Resources Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

The freshwater resources emphasis allows students majoring in environmental science or biology to focus on availability, ecology and protection of water resources. While water is a basic resource for all life, many human activities degrade water quality requiring specialists who are able to help maintain water quality. This emphasis allows students to delve into the issues of water quality from a biological, chemical and geological perspective.

ENVR-320 Analytical Environmental Chemistry

ENVR/BIOL-435 Freshwater Ecology

Choose three:

ENVR/BIOL-433 Biology & Management of Fishes

ENVR/BIOL-401 Environmental Microbiology

ENVR/BIOL-370 Stormwater Management and Nonpoint Source Pollution

ENVR-330X Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

GEOL-330 Soil and Hydrogeology