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Wildlife Biology Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

The wildlife biology emphasis allows students wanting the breadth of the biology or environmental science major to also focus in areas of wildlife biology and management. In this program, students take 11–17 additional credits on top of their major to specialize in wildlife. The program offers directed study in wildlife management and techniques, botany, zoology, and policy and ethics. This program along with the biology or environmental science major and the general education requirements supports students wishing to pursue careers with state and federal agencies, graduate degree programs in wildlife biology, as well as those who wish to pursue Wildlife Biologist Certification through the Wildlife Society.
Consists of 23 credits. The requirements are as follows:

Wildlife Management and Techniques

Take one course:

BIOL/ENVR-312W Wildlife Ecology and Management

BIOL/ENVR-365 Field Biology & Natural History

BIOL/ENVR-402 Conservation Biology

Molecules, Anatomy and Physiology

Take one course:

BIOL-309 Genetics

BIOL-311 Animal Physiology

BIOL-325 Molecular Biology of the Cell

BIOL/ENVR-360 Environmental Physiology

BIOL-412 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy


Take one course:

BIOL-335 Summer Flora

BIOL-340 Botany

BIOL-420 Plant Taxonomy


Take two courses:

BIOL-316 Ornithology: the Biology of Birds

BIOL-321 Herpetology

BIOL-322 Mammalogy

BIOL/ENVR-433 Biology & Management of Fishes

BIOL-440 Animal Behavior


Take one course:

PHIL-235E Bioethics

PHIL-320E Professional Ethics

ENVR-234E Wildlife and Society

ENVR-305 Natural Resource & Environmental Law