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Social Sciences for Health Professionals Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

This concentration helps prepare students for health-care related careers in medicine, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy and others. Understanding the complexities of human behavior, development and identity is crucial to a successful career as a health professional. In addition, communication skills are critical for effective provider-patient relationships.
Consists of 18 credits including the following courses:

PSY-101 General Psychology

SOC-101 Sociological Imagination

And four courses (at least one from each category) from the following topics list:

Note that no discipline prefix may be used more than three times. For example, after completing PSY-101 and SOC-101, only two more courses in the concentration may be chosen from the PSY or SOC prefixed courses.

Topics in Behavior and Cognition

PSY-240 Behavioral Psychology

PSY-310 Abnormal Psychology

PSY/BIOL-317 Biology of Mind

PSY-330 Memory and Cognition

PSY-390 Sensation and Perception

Topics in Life Span and Development

FCS-312X Adult Development and Aging

PSY-370 Developmental Psychology

SOC-366E Sociology of Birth and Death

Topics in Diversity and Identity

BIOL-215 Biology of Human Diversity & Pseudoscience of Racism

FCS/SOC-368W Sociology of the Family

FCS-319 Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts

FCS-408X Parent and Child Relations

PSCI/SOC-205 Global Identities

PSY-350 Social Psychology

PSY-380 Human Sexuality

SOC-203 Social Problems

SOC-333 Racial and Ethnic Studies

SOC-334 Gender and Sexuality Studies

Topics in Communication and Health Fields

COMM-230 Communication Technologies: History, Culture, and Society

COMM-240 Contemporary Media Industries

COMM-327 Interpersonal Communication

COMM-334 Intercultural Communication

COMM-335 Communicating Sex and Gender

COMM-340 Representations of Gender, Race & Class

COMM-447 Science, Environment, and Health Communication

ES-300X Personal and Community Health

ES-357X Global Healthcare and Sport

ES-427 Health Promotion and Wellness

ES-453 Counseling & Pharmacology

ES-456 Management Concepts in Health Care

ES-467 Health & Exercise Psychology

ES-470 Cultural Competence & Ethics Healthcare

PSY-340 Public Mental Health

SOC-451 Counseling and Personal Development