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Applied Chemistry Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

Consists of 28–32 credit hours including the following courses:

CHEM-161 General Chemistry I

CHEM-162 General Chemistry II

CHEM-305 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM-306 Organic Chemistry II


CHEM-310 Organic Chemistry II & Spectroscopy

MATH-130 Survey of Calculus


MATH-131 Calculus I

And three additional courses selected from the following :

ENVR-320 Analytical Environmental Chemistry

CHEM-350 Introduction to Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

BCHM-355 Biochemistry I


BCHM-356 Biochemistry I With Lab

CHEM-360 Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM-365 Computational Chemistry

CHEM-370 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM-380 Instrumental Analysis

CHEM-415 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM-425 Physical Chemistry II

CHEM-427 Physical Chemistry of Solutions with Laboratory

CHEM-435 Advanced Physical Chemistry

BCHM-455 Biochemistry II