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International Commerce Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

Consists of 18 credit hours. Majors in business administration may pursue an emphasis in international commerce. 6 credits from the emphasis may be applied to the requirements for the major. 


BUS-468 Contemporary Issues in Business

ECON-330 Government & Business

ECON-440 International Economics

PSCI-230 Introduction to Global Politics

Plus 6 credits from two of the following electives:

BUS-305X International Business and Entrepreneurship

BUS-365X Cross-Cultural Issues in Business

COMM-333X Europe Media and Culture

COMM-334 Intercultural Communication

FREN-202 Intermediate French I

FREN-340 French Culture and Civilization

GER-202 Intermediate German II

HIST-356 East Asia

PSCI/SOC-205 Global Identities

PSCI-420W International Law & Organization

SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN-345 Latin American Culture and Civilization

SOC-232 Campus Identities

SOC-363 Cultures of Japan

SOC-365 Cultures of Africa

SOC-361 Development and Underdevelopment in the Modern World

A world languages and cultures minor and participation in a one-semester cross-cultural experience are recommended. Students participating in a College-approved study abroad program or a similar approved international experience may apply up to 6 credits earned as part of their travel experience to the elective credits required above.