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Administration Management Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

The administration management concentration provides students outside of business administration with skills in accounting and management that are essential to a broad variety of careers and graduate programs in business and government. Almost every organization needs people with the ability to use software to analyze data and manage budgets, inventory, human resources, expenses and tax liabilities. In addition, knowledge of organization management, public administration and the implications of public policies for private and public interests is essential to leadership roles in these organizations. Since computer information systems are also increasingly important, students might consider using their electives to learn skills in that area. The administration management concentration allows students to pursue a major that they are passionate about, while also equipping themselves with more general practical skills for securing employment. Students may have a concentration advisor from economics, business administration or political science.
Consists of 15 credits configured as follows:

BUS-201 Principles of Accounting I

BUS-202 Principles of Accounting II

BUS-300 Principles of Organization Management


PSCI-380 Public Administration

And any two from the following list:

BUS-420 Human Resource Management

BUS-330 Principles of Information Systems


CIS-250 Introduction to Information Systems

CIS-350 Database Management

ECON-330 Government & Business

ES-456 Management Concepts in Health Care

PSCI-215 Introduction to Public Policy

PSCI-390 Public Policy

The concentration is not available to economics majors pursuing the business track, business administration majors or business administration minors.