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Professional Writing Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

Consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours and includes seven core courses (totaling 21 credit hours), plus five elective courses (totaling 15 credit hours).

Core Courses:

PWR-201 Introduction to Professional Writing

PWR-275 Grammar, Style & Editing

PWR-318W Writing for Visual Media

PWR-319 Publishing and Marketing

PWR-451 Senior Seminar in Professional Writing

Choose 2 of 3:

PWR-312W Technical Writing

PWR-313W Writing for Business

PWR-314W Writing for the Sciences

Elective Courses:

PWR/COMM-131/131X News Practicum

PWR-225X Travel Writing

PWR-227W Food Writing

PWR/COMM-255W Introduction to News Writing

PWR/COMM-305 Multimedia Reporting & Writing

PWR-311 Creative Writing

PWR-315 Teaching Writing

PWR/ENG-320X Writing Contemporary Poetry

PWR-322 Advanced Creative Writing

PWR-324 Special Topics in Writing

PWR-325WX Special Topics in Public Writing

PWR-480X Internship

PWR-490 Independent Study

PWR-491 Research

PWR-499 Honors Project