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Environmental Science Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

The concentration in environmental science allows students in majors across any discipline to examine critically the issues around human use and abuse of natural resources.

The following courses are required:

ENVR-101 Introduction to Environmental Sciences

ENVR/BIOL-301 Principles of Environmental Science

Choose two from the following list:

ENVR-270 Chemistry of the Environment

ENVR-320 Analytical Environmental Chemistry

GEOL-330 Soil and Hydrogeology

ENVR-305 Natural Resource & Environmental Law

ENVR/BIOL-312W Wildlife Ecology and Management

BIOL-316 Ornithology: the Biology of Birds

BIOL-321 Herpetology

BIOL-322 Mammalogy

BIOL-335 Summer Flora

BIOL-340 Botany

BIOL/ENVR-360 Environmental Physiology

ENVR-330X Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

ENVR/BIOL-401 Environmental Microbiology

ENVR-402 Conservation Biology

ENVR/BIOL-433 Biology & Management of Fishes

ENVR/BIOL-435 Freshwater Ecology

Students may not double count the courses in the elective list for the environmental science concentration on any other plan of major or minor.