Academic Catalog

Health and Exercise Science Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

Consists of 48 credit hours in the following courses:

BIOL-110 Principles of Biology I

ES-230 Introduction to Health and Exercise Science

ES-249 Nutritional Concepts in Exercise Science

BIOL-305 Introduction to Human Anatomy

BIOL-314 Human Physiology

ES-300X Personal and Community Health

ES-320 Kinesiology

ES-335 Physiology of Exercise

ES-456 Management Concepts in Health Care


AT-556 Management Concepts in Health Care


ES-360 Organization and Administration of Health and Exercise Science

ES-467 Health & Exercise Psychology


AT-567 Health & Exercise Psychology

ES-460 Senior Seminar


AT-560 Athletic Training Seminar I

An additional 12 credits from the following :

AT-501 Anatomy for Healthcare Professionals I

BUS-120 Survey of Business

BUS-310 Principles of Marketing

CHEM-250 Fundamental Organic Chemistry

COMM-447 Science, Environment, and Health Communication

ES-215 Research Methods

ES-255 First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor


ES-260 First Aid and Safety

ES-325 Principles of Health & Physical Fitness Assessment

ES-340 Teaching Methods for School Health

ES-342 Foundations of Strength & Conditioning

ES-345 Motor Behavior

ES-354 Therapeutic Modalities

ES-355 Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation

ES-385 Adapted Physical Education and Recreation

ES-427 Health Promotion and Wellness

ES-428 Implementing Health Promotion Programs

ES-491 Research


ES-499 Honors Project

FCS-240 Foundations of Human Nutrition

FCS-312X Adult Development and Aging

FCS-355 Sports Nutrition

MATH-140 Introduction to Statistics

PHIL-320E Professional Ethics


PHIL-235E Bioethics

PSY-310 Abnormal Psychology

PSY-370 Developmental Psychology

This major introduces students to the sub-disciplines of health and exercise science, providing students with a sound preparation upon which to develop a career or to pursue graduate study in the discipline.