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Health and Physical Education Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

For the student pursuing a career in teaching health and/or physical education. Consists of 51 credit hours. Separate admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) is a requirement for anyone wishing to graduate with a major in health and physical education. Specific admissions criteria for the TEP are listed in the TEP section of the academic catalog.

Consists of 51 credit hours in the following courses:

ES-235 Introduction to Teaching Physical Education

ES-225 Team Sports and Activities

ES-249 Nutritional Concepts in Exercise Science

ES-303 Topics and Concepts in School Health

ES-310 Lifetime Activities in Physical Education

ES-318 Human Anatomy & Physiology

ES-320 Kinesiology

ES-335 Physiology of Exercise

ES-340 Teaching Methods for School Health

ES-345 Motor Behavior

ES-350 Assessment and Technology in Secondary Physical Education

ES-368W Psychological Principles in Physical Education and Sport

ES-370 Teaching Methods for Secondary Physical Education

ES-385 Adapted Physical Education and Recreation

ES-426 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Elementary Physical Education

ES-401 Field Experience in Elementary Physical Education

ES-427 Health Promotion and Wellness

ES-135 Golf

ES-165 Tennis

ES-175 Conditioning and Weight Training

In addition to the major, the following courses are required for licensure/certification:

EDUC-140 Introduction to Teaching

EDUC-200 Educational Psychology

EDUC-215 Diversity in the Classroom

EDUC-334 Literacy in the Context Area

EDUC-372E Classroom Management, Secondary

EDUC-380X Practicum in Current Teaching Techniques

EDUC-452 Seminar in Educational Practices, Secondary

EDUC-470 Professional Student Teaching

*Courses only offered to students accepted into the Teacher Education Program

Students wishing to pursue this major should declare their intentions early in their academic career due to the significant course loads required to graduate in four years and the need for careful planning and advising.