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Global Studies Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 43 credit hours distributed as follows:

Core Courses

(19 Credits)

ECON-200 Principles of Macroeconomics

PSCI-200 Introduction to Global Studies

PSCI-230 Introduction to Global Politics

PSCI-240 Introduction to Comparative Politics

PSCI-250 Methods of Research and Data Analysis

PSCI-400 Professional Development

PSCI-470 Seminar in Global Studies & Political Science

Global Processes

(12 Credits)

COMM-334 Intercultural Communication

ECON-440 International Economics

GEOG-195 World Regional Geography

HIST-330HX Modern Britain and Oxford

HIST-370 Genocide

HIST-430 European Imperialism

PSCI/SOC-205 Global Identities

PSCI-335W Peace, War and World Politics

PSCI-336 United Nations

PSCI-356 United States Foreign Policy

PSCI-360 Population, Immigration, and Politics

PSCI-365E Politics of Human Rights

PSCI-370 Issues in Global Politics

PSCI-375 United States and the World

PSCI-420W International Law & Organization

PSCI-430 The International Arms Trade

PSCI-440W Global Political Economy

PSCI-480X Internship

SOC-314 World Justice Systems

SOC-361 Development and Underdevelopment in the Modern World

Comparative and Regional Studies

(12 Credits)

FREN-300 From Indochine to Vietnam, Cultural Reps

FREN-325 Art of Conversation


HIST-385 Topics in French History

HIST-321 Europe Since 1789

HIST-325 Modern Britain Since 1688

HIST-335 Women's History in Asia

HIST-345 Crusades and Terrorism

HIST-350 Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Great Powers

HIST-360 Modern Africa

HIST-390 War and Peace Across the Pacific

HIST-410 Modern India & Pakistan Since 1700

HIST-415 History of China Since 1600

HIST-420 Modern Germany and Its Empires

HIST-425 History of Japan Since 1600

PSCI-310 Latin American Politics

PSCI-480X Internship

REL-340 Religions of the Near East

REL-350 Religions of the Far East

SOC-363 Cultures of Japan

SOC-365 Cultures of Africa

SPAN-300 Latin American Cultures Through Film

SPAN-340 Spanish Culture and Civilization


SPAN-345 Latin American Culture and Civilization

Students may take one Internship (PSCI-480X) toward the requirements for the major and apply the credits to either global processes or comparative and regional studies.

One international travel course (such as ART-307X) or cultural exploration course (such as COMM-333X, ENG-240, FCS-250, FREN-305X, SOC-363 or SOC-365, or SPAN-306 or SPAN-308X) may be used toward the comparative and regional studies requirement.

Students may substitute SOC-322 for PSCI-250.

Students may not double major in political science and global studies. Political science majors may minor in global studies, but the 15 credits from non-core areas must be taken in disciplines other than political science.

Students pursuing a global studies major are strongly encouraged to study abroad, to explore a minor relevant to their area of interest (world languages and cultures, economics, business, philosophy and religion, etc.), and to participate in an internship. Relevant internships through PSCI-480 earn credit toward the major.