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Global Studies Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

Consists of 21 credit hours distributed as follows:

Core Courses

(6 Credits)

PSCI/SOC-205 Global Identities

PSCI-230 Introduction to Global Politics

PSCI-240 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Global Processes

(9 Credits)

COMM-334 Intercultural Communication

ECON-440 International Economics

GEOG-195 World Regional Geography

HIST-370 Genocide

HIST-430 European Imperialism

PSCI-335W Peace, War and World Politics

PSCI-336 United Nations

PSCI-356 United States Foreign Policy

PSCI-360 Population, Immigration, and Politics

PSCI-365E Politics of Human Rights

PSCI-370 Issues in Global Politics

PSCI-375 United States and the World

PSCI-420W International Law & Organization

PSCI-430 The International Arms Trade

PSCI-440W Global Political Economy

SOC-314 World Justice Systems

SOC-361 Development and Underdevelopment in the Modern World

Comparative and Regional Studies

(6 Credits)

FREN-300 From Indochine to Vietnam, Cultural Reps

FREN-325 Art of Conversation


HIST-385 Topics in French History

HIST-321 Europe Since 1789

HIST-325 Modern Britain Since 1688

HIST-335 Women's History in Asia

HIST-345 Crusades and Terrorism

HIST-350 Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Great Powers

HIST-360 Modern Africa

HIST-390 War and Peace Across the Pacific

HIST-410 Modern India & Pakistan Since 1700

HIST-415 History of China Since 1600

HIST-425 History of Japan Since 1600

PSCI-310 Latin American Politics

PSCI-480X Internship

REL-340 Religions of the Near East

REL-350 Religions of the Far East

SOC-365 Cultures of Africa

SPAN-300 Latin American Cultures Through Film

SPAN-340 Spanish Culture and Civilization


SPAN-345 Latin American Culture and Civilization

Students may take one Internship (PSCI-480X) toward the requirements for the minor and apply the credits to either global studies or comparative and regional studies.

Political science majors may minor in global studies, but the 15 credits from non-core areas must be taken in disciplines other than political science.

Students pursuing a global studies minor are strongly encouraged to study world languages and cultures, study abroad and participate in internships relevant to the field.