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Politics and Public Policy Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

Consists of 18 credit hours, including :

PSCI-215 Introduction to Public Policy

And 15 additional credits chosen from the following (a minimum of 9 of these additional 15 credits must be in political science):

PSCI-320 State and Local Politics

PSCI-332 Women & Politics

PSCI-340 Media & Politics

PSCI-380 Public Administration

PSCI-390 Public Policy

PSCI-415 Policymaking, Interest Groups & Congress

PSCI-480X Internship

COMM-347 Strategic Public Relations

COMM-349 Nonprofit Communication

COMM-420 Political Campaigning in Virtual Environments

COMM-447 Science, Environment, and Health Communication

ENVR-305 Natural Resource & Environmental Law

SOC-255EX Introduction to Social Welfare Systems

SOC-412 Adjudication and Corrections: Existing and Alternate Strategies