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Pre-Law Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

Consists of 18 credit hours chosen from the following (a minimum of 9 credit hours must be in political science):

BUS-350 Business Law

BUS-420 Human Resource Management

COMM-410E Communication Law and Ethics in a Digital Age

ENVR-305 Natural Resource & Environmental Law

FCS-347 Family Law and Public Policy

PHIL-310 Logic

PHIL-320E Professional Ethics

PSCI-332 Women & Politics

PSCI-350 Constitutional Law of Federalism & Institutional Powers

PSCI-351 Competitive Moot Court

(3 semesters total)

PSCI-355 Constitutional Law of Civil Rights and Liberties

PSCI-365E Politics of Human Rights

PSCI-401E Contemporary Political Thought

PSCI-415 Policymaking, Interest Groups & Congress

PSCI-420W International Law & Organization

PSCI-480X Internship

SOC-211 Criminology

SOC-312 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

SOC-313 Gender, Crime and Justice

SOC-316 True Crime Sociology

SOC-314 World Justice Systems

SOC-412 Adjudication and Corrections: Existing and Alternate Strategies