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Leadership Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

The Leadership minor is an interdisciplinary minor focusing on the nature, understanding, and application of leadership. It is aligned with the missions of its sponsoring organizations at Bridgewater College: the Showker Institute for Responsible Leadership and The Center for Engaged Learning. The minor is designed for Bridgewater students interested in pursuing a career involving the study and/or practice of leadership, who feel that an understanding of leadership would be helpful to them in their careers, or who simply have an interest in the subject.

The minor consists of three thematic aspects which follow a developmental process. First is the "Theory" theme – which is the overview class that serves as the introduction to the minor and which introduces leadership theory and vocabulary to the students. Second is the "Theory in Practice" theme – which includes the ethics and breadth requirements where students will learn about how leadership can/should/and has been done. Third is the "Practice of Leadership" theme – which is the capstone course in which students will need to complete and present a leadership project.

*Note:  Courses for the minor must be taken in at least three different departments. No more than one May Term course will count toward the minor.

The minor consists of 18 credits.

Overview of Leadership

IDS-201 Leadership Development Seminar

Ethics and Leadership

Choose one FILA "E" designated course.

Breadth of Leadership

Choose 3 courses (9 credits) from the following list:

BUS-300 Principles of Organization Management

COMM-325 Communication in the Organization

COMM-349 Nonprofit Communication

ES-428 Implementing Health Promotion Programs

ES-456 Management Concepts in Health Care

PSCI-260 Campaigns and Elections

PSCI-345 Political Psychology

PSCI-380 Public Administration

PSCI-415 Policymaking, Interest Groups & Congress

PSY-350 Social Psychology

PSY-399 Psychology of Personality

SOC-256 Group Process

SOC/PHIL-367 Conflict Transformation


IDS-471 Leadership Capstone Seminar