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Computer Science Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

The major consists of 41-50 credits.

Students choose one of three tracks: Cybersecurity, Full-Stack Software Development, and Theoretical Computing. The following core courses are required for each track, consisting of 32 credits:

CSCI-101 Programming I

CSCI-102 Programming II

CSCI-210 Discrete Mathematics

CSCI-220 Data Structures and Algorithms

CSCI-320 Algorithm Analysis and Design

CSCI-341 Computer Architecture

CSCI-342 Operating Systems

CSCI-350 Computer Networks

CSCI-400 Software Engineering

DSA-230 Database Systems

The remaining credits come from the tracks as follows students choose one:

Cybersecurity Track

Consists of 9 credits, including the following courses:

CSCI-360 Introduction to Cybersecurity

CSCI-362 Applied Cryptography

CSCI-460 Network Security

Full-Stack Software Development Track

Consists of 18 credits, including the following courses:

ART-120 Introduction to Visual Design

ART-322 Web Design and Development

ART-323 Graphic Design

ART/DMS-422 Web Design and Development II


CSCI-230 Web Scripting

CSCI-430 Server-Side Web Development

CSCI-432 Client-Side Web Development

Theoretical Computing Track

Consists of 9 credits, including the following courses:

CSCI-410 Numerical Algorithms

CSCI-412 Theoretical Cryptography

CSCI-414 Coding Theory