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Music Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

Consists of 23 credit hours including the following courses:

MUS-220 Introduction to Western Music

MUS-225 Theory and Aural Skills I

MUS-226 Theory and Aural Skills II

2 credit hours in applied music

4 credit hours of ensembles

And at least 8 additional credits chosen from the following :

MUS-115 Keyboard Skills I

MUS-116 Keyboard Skills II

MUS-140 Introduction to Music Education

MUS-232 American Music

MUS-233 Social History of Jazz in America

MUS-235 Music in Latin America

MUS/COMM-309X Audio Production

MUS-320 Basic Conducting

MUS-321 Vocal Diction

MUS-322 Choral Literature

MUS-323 Band Literature

MUS-343 Music Arranging

MUS-345 Theory and Aural Skills III

MUS-420 Instrumental Conducting & Methods


MUS-421 Choral Conducting and Methods

MUS-422 Music Education in the Elementary School

MUS-436 Music Education in the Secondary School

MUS-445 Chamber Music

(maximum of 2 credit hours)

Applied lessons (maximum of 2 additional credit hours)