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Peace Studies Minor

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Degree Type Offered: Minor

Addresses the continuing need for effective alternatives to structures of conflict and violence. Prepares students for careers in conflict transformation, mediation or humanitarian work. Consists of 18 credit hours including the following courses:

REL-335E Christian Perspectives on Violence and Peace

REL-420EW Christian Social Ethics


REL-318E Religious Ethics

SOC/PHIL-367 Conflict Transformation

And three of the following courses:

PHIL-225E Contemporary Moral and Political Problems

PHIL-490 Independent Study

REL/HIST-317 History of the Christian Church

REL-319 History of the Church of the Brethren

REL-340 Religions of the Near East

REL-400 Peace Studies Seminar

REL-490 Independent Study

PSCI-335W Peace, War and World Politics

PSCI-356 United States Foreign Policy

PSCI-420W International Law & Organization

SOC-361 Development and Underdevelopment in the Modern World

Courses listed on a student?s plan of the major in philosophy and religion are excluded.