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Gender Studies Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

An interdisciplinary program, consisting of 12 credit hours, designed for students in any major to understand more clearly the role that social constructions of gender shape histories, cultures, institutions and identities. Courses allow students to develop critical analytic skills in examining gender through the lenses of communication studies, history, politics, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Excellent preparation for careers in law, policy, humanitarian or ethics fields.

Students must complete any four of the following courses:

COMM-335 Communicating Sex and Gender

COMM-340 Representations of Gender, Race & Class

FCS/SOC-368W Sociology of the Family

HIST-335 Women's History in Asia

PSCI-332 Women & Politics

PHIL-322EW Ethics and Identity

PHIL/REL-485X Gender Studies Practicum

PSY-380 Human Sexuality

REL-316W Medieval Women's Spirituality

SOC-313 Gender, Crime and Justice

SOC-334 Gender and Sexuality Studies

SOC-366E Sociology of Birth and Death