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Interfaith Studies Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

The concentration in Interfaith Studies is an interdisciplinary program, consisting of 10 credit hours. The concentration allows students in any major and/or pre-professional program to acquire the knowledge base and skills needed to work within and across religious diversity to promote peace, stability, and enduring cooperation and problem-solving across religious difference.

Students must complete the following courses:

REL-215 Introduction to Interfaith Studies

REL-483 Interfaith Studies Senior Seminar

And two courses from the following :

PSCI-355 Constitutional Law of Civil Rights and Liberties

PSY-475E Neuroethics

REL-318E Religious Ethics

REL-335E Christian Perspectives on Violence and Peace

SOC-366E Sociology of Birth and Death

SOC-370E Sociology of Religion

THEA-345 Acting: Styles and Techniques