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Physics Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

For students planning on graduate study in physics or engineering or a physics-related career in industry.

Required courses:

PHYS-221 General Physics I

PHYS-222 General Physics II

PHYS-301 Mathematical Methods in Physics I

PHYS-302 Mathematical Methods in Physics II

PHYS-305 Electronics

PHYS-308 Modern Physics

PHYS-311 Classical Mechanics

PHYS-331 Electricity and Magnetism


PHYS-420 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS-345W Experimental Physics

CSCI-101 Programming I

MATH-131 Calculus I

MATH-132 Calculus II

MATH-231 Calculus III

MATH-232 Calculus IV

And two additional PHYS courses numbered 300 or above.

In addition, complete the Senior Capstone requirement by choosing one of the following options:

PHYS-497 Senior Capstone Project I

PHYS-498 Senior Capstone Project II


PHYS-491 Research


PHYS-499 Honors Project


PHYS-495 Senior Thesis

Students admitted to the Teacher Education Program may substitute EDU-470 to meet the Senior Capstone requirement.