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Liberal Studies Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

The following core courses are required for the liberal studies major. 

Core Courses:

ECON-200 Principles of Macroeconomics


ECON-210 Principles of Microeconomics

PWR-275 Grammar, Style & Editing


ENG-300 Linguistics

ENG-345W Literature for Children

PWR-315 Teaching Writing

MATH-105 Mathematical Theory & Computation I

MATH-115 Mathematical Theory & Computation II

MATH-140 Introduction to Statistics

HIST-105 World History to 1500


HIST-110 World History Since 1500

HIST-201 History of the United States to 1877

HIST-202 History of the United States Since 1877

GEOG-195 World Regional Geography

BIOL-100 The Nature of the Biological World

PHYS-110 Introductory Astronomy


PHYS-119 Physics and the Modern World


PHYS-125 Concepts of Physics

FCS-345 Child Development


FCS-408X Parent and Child Relations

Licensure (PreK-6[P-6]) Track:

This track in the liberal studies major is linked to teacher licensure, thus all requirements (core and education courses) must be completed prior to graduation. A candidate cannot graduate with this track and then return to complete student teaching.

In addition to the core requirements, complete the following professional education courses for Elementary Education (Pre-K-6) Licensure:

EDUC-140 Introduction to Teaching

EDUC-200 Educational Psychology

EDUC-215 Diversity in the Classroom

EDUC-316 Strategies for Teaching Mathematics In the Elementary Classroom

EDUC-330 Early Literacy

EDUC-332 Intermediate Literacy

EDUC-371E Classroom Management, Elementary

EDUC-380X Practicum in Current Teaching Techniques

EDUC-406 Curriculum and Instruction Elem Class Elementary Classroom

EDUC-451 Seminar in Educational Practices, Elementary

EDUC-470 Professional Student Teaching

GEOG-195 World Regional Geography

Non-Licensure Track:

In addition to the core requirements, choose 9 hours from the following :

Choose one:

FCS-319 Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts

FCS-345 Child Development

FCS-346 Adolescent Development

FCS-347 Family Law and Public Policy

FCS-408X Parent and Child Relations

FCS-440 Family Life Education Methodology

Choose one:

EDUC-330 Early Literacy

EDUC-371E Classroom Management, Elementary

SOC-334 Gender and Sexuality Studies

SOC-368W Sociology of the Family

Choose one:

EDUC-480X Internship

FCS-480X Internship