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French Cultural Studies Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

Consists of 12 credit hours distributed as follows:

Choose one course from the following :

FREN-300 From Indochine to Vietnam, Cultural Reps

FREN-305X French Life and Cultures

FREN/HIST-307 Cultural Memory of the World Wars

FREN-360E Introduction to French Thought

Choose one:

FREN-340 French Culture and Civilization


FREN-345 Modern French Cultures

Choose one:

FREN-350 Special Topics in Culture


FREN-355 Special Topics in Fine Arts

Choose a relevant, advisor approved course in Cultural Studies, or an additional French Literature, Culture elective or May Term travel/Study Abroad course. Course choices may include FREN-305X Paris and the Provinces; FREN-307 Cultural Memory of the World Wars: Britain, France and Belgium; FREN-308 Francophone Cultural Studies; HIST-385 Topics in French History; COMM-334 Intercultural Communications; SOC-301 Classical Social Theory; and SOC-302W Contemporary Social Theory.