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German Studies Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

Consists of 12 credit hours distributed as follows:

GER-224W Introduction to German Studies

Arts & Literature (choose one):

ART-201 Survey of Art History (1400 to Present)

ART-300W Modern & Post-Modern Art

ENG-385W Modern Literature

GER/ENG-334W German Literature in Translations

MUS-390 Special Topics: Major Composers

THEA-255 World Theatre History II

THEA/ENG-360W Modern Drama

Theory and Culture (choose one):

BUS-365X Cross-Cultural Issues in Business

COMM-333X Europe Media and Culture

GER-300 Special Topics in English

GER-305X German-Speaking Cultures

PHIL-318E Philosophical Ethics

PHIL-333W Contemporary Philosophy

REL-332W Reformation Thought

SOC-301 Classical Social Theory

SOC-302W Contemporary Social Theory

History & Global Connections (choose one):

ECON-440 International Economics

HIST-321 Europe Since 1789

HIST-311 Early Modern Europe in the World, 1492-1789

HIST-420 Modern Germany and Its Empires