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Data Science & Analytics Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

Consists of 52 credit hours including the following courses:

MATH-130 Survey of Calculus

MATH-140 Introduction to Statistics

MATH-210 Introduction to Linear Algebra

CSCI-101 Programming I

CSCI-200 Programming with Python

CSCI-210 Discrete Mathematics

CSCI-230 Web Scripting

DSA-225 Statistical Methods with R

DSA-230 Database Systems

DSA-300 Advanced Data Analytics

DSA-330 Data Warehousing

DSA-350 Data Acquisition

DSA-375 Data Visualization

DSA-400 Intelligent Search Methods

DSA-425 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

DSA-450 Machine Learning

DSA-475 Big-Data and Cloud Computing