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2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Data Science & Analytics Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

Consists of 52 credit hours including the following courses:

MATH-130 Survey of Calculus

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Differential and integral calculus for the student who needs a working knowledge of the subject but does not plan to pursue more advanced study in mathematics. Includes theory and application of limits, derivatives, and integrals. Prerequisite: MATH-120 or satisfactory performance on placement test Credit may not be received for both MATH 130 and MATH 131

MATH-140 Introduction to Statistics

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Basic descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression. Statistical computer software is used to analyze data. Prerequisites: MATH-118, MATH-110, MATH-115, or satisfactory performance on placement test

MATH-210 Introduction to Linear Algebra

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Emphasis on finite dimensional vector spaces and the algebra of matrices. Vector topics include n-dimensional vectors, dot product, norm, orthogonality, lines, planes, projections and cross products. Matrix topics include systems of equations, matrix operations, Gauss elimination, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Prerequisite: MATH-120

CSCI-101 Programming I

Credits: 4 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

This course introduces the fundamentals of programming in a general-purpose object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java. Topics include data types, data representation, arithmetic and logical expressions, control structures, methods, single and two-dimensional arrays, and file I/O. The course consists of 3 credit hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab per week.

CSCI-200 Programming with Python

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

The Python programming language will be explored. The course will cover familiar programming language constructs such as control flow, strings, functions, input/output, and data structures as well as advance topics such as regular expressions, modules and packages, and commonly used objects and libraries. Prerequisites: A grade of C or greater in CSCI-100 or a grade of C or greater in CSCI-101 or permission by the instructor

CSCI-210 Discrete Mathematics

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course focuses on the fundamentals of discrete mathematics applicable to computer science. The main goals are to learn the mathematical representation of collections of items and their relationships, selection and ordering of items, mathematical reasoning for proofs, model modeling, concepts about probability and computation theory. Topics include: Sets, Relations and Functions, Inductive and Deductive reasoning, Permutations and Combinations, Graphs, Probability, FSMs, PDAs, LBAs (or Regular, Context-Free, Context-Sensitive Grammars) and Turing machines. Prerequisites: MATH-110

CSCI-230 Web Scripting

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course introduces the JavaScript programming language. Students learn how to use JavaScript to dynamically create and manipulate elements within web pages. Advanced JavaScript utilities such as rest operator, generators, destructuring, object literals, arrow functions, modern classes, and promises are also discussed. Prerequisites: A grade of C or greater in CSCI-100 or a grade of C or greater in CSCI-101

DSA-225 Statistical Methods with R

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course develops practical skills in applying statistical methods to problem-solving and research. Topics cover simple linear regression (SLR), ANOVA, Chi-Square distribution, and basic nonparametric testing. This course uses statistical methods in the R environment to perform statistical analysis. Prerequisites: MATH-140 and MATH-130 or permission of instructor

DSA-230 Database Systems

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Introducing database systems and database management. The emphases are database design and implementation. The topics covered include ERM (ERD) and EERM (EERD), relational and object-oriented database design, SQL and QBE. This course focuses on practical skill in database design and implementation. Prerequisites: CSCI-210 or permission of instructor

DSA-300 Advanced Data Analytics

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

This course explores advanced data analytics models. Topics cover multivariate modeling, multiple linear regression modeling, time series analytics, risk analysis, optimization analysis, etc. The courses emphasizes applying R in data analytics modeling for marketing, consumer management, risk management, and operation efficiency. Prerequisites: DSA-225 and CSCI 200 Offered alternate years

DSA-330 Data Warehousing

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course introduces the methods for developing data warehouses. Core topics include data warehouse design, implementation, and maintenance. This course takes a practical approach to introduce the best practices of using data warehousing to support business intelligence (BI). Prerequisites: DSA-230 Offered alternate years

DSA-350 Data Acquisition

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

This courses introduces fundamental concepts and methods in data acquisition. Topics cover data selection, retrieval, cleansing, transformation, and loading. Advanced Python data structures (e.g., heap, series, narrays, matrices, DataFrame, etc.) are used to carry out data acquisition. Analytic tools for evaluating data acquisition processes are emphasized. The key issues related to data acquisition are addressed. Visual analytic methods are introduced for data acquisition. The course also covers automating complex data acquisition tasks with Python. Prerequisites: DSA-330 and CSCI-200 Offered alternate years

DSA-375 Data Visualization

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Introducing the principles of data visualization and D3.js. The key topics covered include basic data visualization principles and methods, as well as D3.js applications in visualizes data analysis results. The students will gain hand-on skills in using D3.js to produce high quality aesthetic graphs by completing a data analytic project with D3.js graphs. Prerequisites: DSA-225 and CSCI-230 Offered alternate years

DSA-400 Intelligent Search Methods

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course introduces the methods for intelligent searches. Core topics include logic fundamentals for AI, state models, and inference engines. The students will explore AI applications of intelligence search methods, and gain hands-on experience in developing preliminary an intelligence search engine. Prerequisites: DSA-300 and CSCI-210 Offered alternate years

DSA-425 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

This course cover data mining techniques to search patterns in large data set. Topics include the fundamental data mining models for clustering, decision trees, association analysis, and neural networks. The objective of this course is to develop skills in deriving predictive knowledge from data mining to improve business intelligence. Prerequisites: DSA-300 and MATH-210 Offered alternate years

DSA-450 Machine Learning

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

This course introduces learning techniques for machine learning including stochastic learning, ensamples, density analytics, descent methods, intelligence analysis, etc. Algorithmic design and implementation are introduced in the context of machine learning. This course will also cover the issues and applications of machine learning. Prerequisites: DSA-350 and DSA-425 Offered alternate years

DSA-475 Big-Data and Cloud Computing

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Introducing the concepts of big data and cloud computing. Topics cover big-data concepts, popular cloud computing platforms (e.g., Google App Engine, IBM Bluemix and Amazon Web Service), as well as cloud programming architectures and paradigms. The emphasis is Hadoop ecosystem, including the fundamentals of HDFS and MapReduce (e.g., HDFS architectures, parallel algorithm design, and parallel performance analysis). Prerequisites: DSA-400 and DSA-425 Offered alternate years