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History and Political Science Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 43 credit hours distributed as follows:

Core History Courses (16 Credits)

To be completed by the end of sophomore year, except for Professional Development and Senior Seminar:

HIST-112 Introduction to World History

HIST-201 History of the United States to 1877

HIST-202 History of the United States Since 1877

HIST-250 Historical Methods

HIST-400 Professional Development

HIST-470 Seminar in Theory & Practice of History

Core Political Science Courses (9 Credits)

PSCI-210 Politics & Government in the United States

PSCI-230 Introduction to Global Politics

PSCI-240 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students accepted into the secondary education program must substitute PSCI 230 with PSCI 320: State and Local Government.

European History (3 Credits)

HIST-311 Early Modern Europe in the World, 1492-1789

HIST-321 Europe Since 1789

HIST-325 Modern Britain Since 1688

HIST-370 Genocide

HIST-380 Topics in European History

HIST-420 Modern Germany and Its Empires

United States History (3 Credits)

HIST-315 Topics in United States History

HIST-340 American Indian History

HIST-365 Foundations of American Religion

HIST-375 Cold War America

HIST-435 Progressive Era America

HIST-460 Readings in the American Civil War

HIST-462 History of the United States South

Non-Western History (3 Credits)

HIST-335 Women's History in Asia

HIST-350 Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Great Powers

HIST-360 Modern Africa

HIST-390 War and Peace Across the Pacific

HIST-410 Modern India & Pakistan Since 1700

HIST-415 History of China Since 1600

HIST-425 History of Japan Since 1600

HIST-430 European Imperialism

9 additional credits from HIST or PSCI courses numbered 300 or above. An Honors Project (HIST/PSCI-499) or one Internship (HIST/PSCI-480X) may be an elective course.

Students accepted into the secondary education program must substitute 6 of the 9 additional credits with:

ECON-200 Principles of Macroeconomics

GEOG-195 World Regional Geography

Students accepted into the secondary education program must plan to complete EDUC 470: Professional Student Teaching during the spring semester.

Students may not major in both history and political science and history or political science.