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Music Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 42-48 credit hours. Students must complete 35 credits of core courses and 7-13 credits from one of the two tracks (music performance or music education).

Core Courses

MUS-115 Keyboard Skills I

MUS-116 Keyboard Skills II

MUS-215 Keyboard Skills III

MUS-216 Keyboard Skills IV

MUS-220 Introduction to Western Music

MUS-225 Theory and Aural Skills I

MUS-226 Theory and Aural Skills II

MUS-320 Basic Conducting

MUS-343 Music Arranging

MUS-345 Theory and Aural Skills III

MUS-380W Exploration of Western Music

MUS-450 Senior Recital

Applied Music: All Music Majors are required to register for applied lessons and at least 1 major ensemble every semester.

5 credit hours in applied music in the major performance area (300-level)

5 credit hours of major ensembles (major ensembles are MUS 440, MUS 441, MUS 442, MUS 443, MUS 444)

Music Performance (Track 1) 42 Credits Total

MUS-350 Junior Recital

Choose at least 6 credits from the following courses:

MUS-210 Voice Methods

MUS-233 Social History of Jazz in America

MUS-235 Music in Latin America

MUS-322 Choral Literature

MUS-323 Band Literature

MUS-371 Music in Film

MUS-420 Instrumental Conducting & Methods

MUS-421 Choral Conducting and Methods

MUS-445 Chamber Music

(may be taken twice for credit)

Music Education (Track 2) 48 credits total

MUS-140 Introduction to Music Education

MUS-210 Voice Methods

MUS-211 Brass Methods

MUS-212 Woodwinds Methods

MUS-213 String Methods

MUS-214 Percussion Methods

MUS-322 Choral Literature


MUS-323 Band Literature

MUS-420 Instrumental Conducting & Methods


MUS-421 Choral Conducting and Methods

For K-12 Teaching Certification, completion of the following professional education, music education and field experience courses and requirements, admission to the education department and passing scores on the PRAXIS Examinations:

EDUC-140 Introduction to Teaching

EDUC-200 Educational Psychology

EDUC-215 Diversity in the Classroom

EDUC-334 Literacy in the Context Area

EDUC-372E Classroom Management, Secondary

EDUC-380X Practicum in Current Teaching Techniques

EDUC-452 Seminar in Educational Practices, Secondary

EDUC-470 Professional Student Teaching

MUS-422 Music Education in the Elementary School

MUS-436 Music Education in the Secondary School