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Psychology Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.S. Major

A minimum of 37 credits including the following courses:


Core Courses (16 credits)

PSY-101 General Psychology

PSY-210 Introduction to Neuroscience

PSY-230 Research Methods

PSY-240 Behavioral Psychology

PSY-300 Measurement and Statistics

Fundamental Courses (9 credits)

PSY-310 Abnormal Psychology

PSY-330 Memory and Cognition

PSY-350 Social Psychology

PSY-317 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY-370 Developmental Psychology

PSY-390 Sensation and Perception

PSY-399 Psychology of Personality

Applied Courses (6 credits)

PSY-319 Functional Neuroanatomy

PSY-320 Clinical Psychology

PSY-340 Public Mental Health

PSY-360 Psychopharmacology

PSY-375 Applied Neuropsychology

PSY-380 Human Sexuality

PSY-400 Applied Behavior Analysis I: Fundamentals of Behavior Change

PSY-410 Applied Behavior Analysis II: Analysis And Intervention

Integrative Course (3 credits)

PSY-450 Historical Issues in Psychology

PSY-460 Interaction Rituals: Research Seminar In Contemporary Psychology

PSY-470 Special Topics

PSY-475E Neuroethics

PSY-480X Internship

PSY-481X Practicum in Applied Psychology

Plus 3 credits from any PSY course except PSY-499 (3 credits)