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Title IX

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The following is a summary of the College’s Policy and Procedures for Student Sexual Misconduct Complaints. The full policy is in the student handbook, The Eagle (.pdf).

Bridgewater College endeavors to provide students and employees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, an educational and work environment free from discrimination. Sexual harassment, including sexual misconduct and violence, interferes with a student’s opportunity to receive an education free from discrimination. Sexual misconduct, as defined by the policy, comprises a broad range of behavior that will not be tolerated, including exploitation, gender-based harassment, non-consensual sexual contact and intercourse, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.

The policy applies to complaints of alleged sexual misconduct committed by Bridgewater College students, faculty, staff, or third parties, regardless of whether the complainant is a Bridgewater student. As with other forms of misconduct, the policy applies to sexual misconduct committed against or by a Bridgewater College student that occurs on or off the Bridgewater College campus, taking into account the effects of off-campus misconduct when evaluating whether there is a hostile environment on campus. Sexual misconduct violates Bridgewater College policy and federal civil rights laws and may also result in criminal prosecution.

Bridgewater College seeks to foster a community that promotes prompt reporting of sexual misconduct, support for those who have been subject to sexual misconduct, and prompt, fair and impartial resolution of sexual misconduct complaints. Sanctions for a violation of the policy may range from a reprimand to suspension or expulsion.

To report a possible violation of the College’s sexual misconduct policy, please contact one of the Title IX coordinators listed on the College website, a staff member from the Department of Student Life, or a member of the Campus Police and Safety department.