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Policies and Procedures

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The conditions and provisions set forth in this catalog should not be considered as a contract between the College and the student. The College reserves the right to make changes in conditions and provisions.

The following are portions of some of the College’s policies and procedures. For a complete statement of, and more information on, campus policies and procedures, please refer to the student handbook, The Eagle.

Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their behavior and exhibit consideration for other students’ rights through demonstrating attitudes and actions appropriate for a member of our community. The College makes every effort to avoid arbitrary, harsh or unfair sanctions for student violations and will utilize restorative practices whenever possible. Good citizenship in any community requires a great deal of responsibility on the part of all members. With this responsibility comes the obligation to refrain from infringing on the rights of others, whether through placing persons in danger or jeopardizing either personal wellbeing or property. When a student displays poor citizenship, blatant disregard for College policies, minimal academic motivation, or an attitude inconsistent with reasonable expectations of a member of an academic community, the student may be subject to disciplinary and/or academic review, which could result in suspension or expulsion.

The College does not permit its students to possess or use alcoholic beverages, as well as illegal drugs and paraphernalia, on campus. Possession or use of any of these substances on campus will subject the student to participation in the student conduct process.

The College prohibits disorderly and abusive conduct, hazing, harassment discrimination in any form, or the possession of unauthorized weapons, prohibited items, pets (other than small harmless fish), service and pre-approved emotional support animals in all buildings and on the campus. In addition, smoking and use of all tobacco products is prohibited within College buildings and is not allowed within 25 feet of any campus building.

For more detailed information on these and other College policies, please refer to The Eagle student handbook.

If, at any time, the conduct of any student, (a) becomes detrimental to the work of other students, (b) presents a significant risk of physical or emotional harm to members of the campus community, or (c) demonstrates that the student is not otherwise qualified to participate in College programs or activities, the College reserves the right to request, or, in some cases, require, the student to withdraw from the College community. If and when a student is asked or required to withdraw, there is no refund of tuition, fees or room charges, and board fees generally are prorated.

Permission to keep a vehicle at the College must be obtained at the Campus Police and Safety office during the time of official registration in the fall. One must register a vehicle within 24 hours of bringing it to the College. Temporary permits are also available in the event that a student needs to substitute another vehicle for the one registered. Failure to cooperate with the above principles may subject the student to a fine or other disciplinary action.