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2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mathematics Major

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Degree Type Offered: B.A. Major

MATH-131 Calculus I

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Study of differential calculus of a single variable. Applications of the derivative are made to curve sketching, max-min problems, and linear approximation, and I'Hopital's Rule. Also included are applications of the Intermediate Value Theorem and Mean Value Theorem. Credit may not be received for both MATH 130 and 131. Prerequisites: MATH-120 or satisfactory performance on placement test

MATH-132 Calculus II

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Study of integral calculus of a single variable. Included are techniques of integration and numerical methods of integration. Applications of the integral are made to computing area, volume, arc length, and selected topics. Prerequisite: MATH-131

MATH-200 Introduction to Number Theory

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Emphasis is on mathematical proofs. Topics include properties of integers (such as odd, even, prime, etc.), division algorithm, least common multiples, greatest common divisors, binary operations ad modular arithmetic. Prerequisite: MATH-110

MATH-210 Introduction to Linear Algebra

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Emphasis on finite dimensional vector spaces and the algebra of matrices. Vector topics include n-dimensional vectors, dot product, norm, orthogonality, lines, planes, projections and cross products. Matrix topics include systems of equations, matrix operations, Gauss elimination, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Prerequisite: MATH-120

MATH-231 Calculus III

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Continuation of Calculus I and II. Included are Taylor polynomials, infinite series, and polar coordinates. Also included is an introduction to multivariate calculus and multiple integrals. Prerequisite: MATH-132

MATH-232 Calculus IV

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Introduction to multivariate calculus. Included are calculus of vector-valued functions and motion in space; limits, continuity, and partial derivatives of functions of several variables; vector fields, Green's Theorem, The Divergence Theorem, and Stokes' Theorem. Prerequisites: MATH 210 and 231

MATH-300 Set Theory and Symbolic Logic

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

The first part of the course is devoted to naive set theory and includes the algebra of sets, relations, functions and orders. The second part is devoted to logic, including truth tables and first-order predicate calculus. Prerequisites: MATH-132 and MATH-200

MATH-310 Linear Algebra

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Fundamentals of linear algebra, including vector spaces, matrix algebra, linear transformations, and eigenvectors and eigenvalues Prerequisites: MATH-132, MATH-200 and MATH-210 Offered alternate years

MATH-341 Theoretical Statistics I

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Fundamentals of probability and distribution theory. Includes probability theory, counting techniques, conditional probability, random variables, moments, moment generating functions, an introduction to multivariate distributions, and transformations of random variables. Prerequisites: MATH-231 or permission of the instructor Offered alternate years

MATH-410 Modern Algebra

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Abstract algebra, with emphasis on algebraic structures such as groups, rings, integral domains, and fields. Prerequisites: MATH-231 and MATH-300 or permission of instructor Offered alternate years

MATH-431 Introduction to Real Variables I

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Real number system, topology of Euclidean Spaces, theory of limits, differentiation, integration, and infinite series. Prerequisite: MATH-300 Corequisite: MATH-232 Offered alternate years

MATH-450 Special Topics

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Devoted to a subject chosen from among the various fields of mathematics in which regular courses are not offered. Possible topics include complex variables, number theory, topology, probability, and applied mathematics, as well as others. A student may take the course more than once, provided different topics are covered. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor

And three additional MATH courses numbered 300 or above, excluding MATH-480

Majors who wish to earn their secondary education licensure must also take MATH-320 and 360.