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2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Web Design and Development Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

The Web Design and Development concentration gives students practical knowledge and experience building aesthetically pleasing, intuitively designed and professional websites. Students begin by learning how to design and build static web pages with HTML5, CSS3 and how to program in the Java programming language. Next, students learn the JavaScript programming language and use it to create dynamic content in a web page. To complete the concentration, students learn how to write dynamic 3D animations in the HTML5 canvas object, using the Babylon.js JavaScript library and associated tools.

Consists of 13 credits, including the following courses:

CSCI-105 Introduction to Programming

Credits: 4 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

This course is an introduction to computer programming using Java, a contemporary object-oriented language. Topics covered include the Java programming language ad fundamental concepts for algorithm and software design. These include problem-solving methods, procedural and data abstraction, top-down modular design and proper programming style. Students gain experience using these skills to design, code, debug, and document computer programs. The course contains 3 credit hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab per week.

ART-322 Web Design and Development

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Design and construct websites using current HTML and CSS standards and digital tools including Brackets, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Emphasis on design process, content development and professional workflows.

CSCI-240 Web API Programming Using Facebook

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

This course focuses on the JavaScript programming language. Students learn how to use JavaScript, a browser's DOM and BOM to dynamically manipulate web pages. JQuery and web application programming interfaces (APIs) for web services such as Facebook and Google Maps are also discussed. Prerequisite: CSCI-105 Alternate years: offered 2018-2019

CSCI-305 Animation and 3D Programming

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Introduction to 3D graphics and animation using JavaScript and the Babylon.js API. Scenes, cameras, lighting, shadows, materials, collision avoidance, and physics engines are discussed. Prerequisite: CSCI-240 Alternate years: offered 2019-2020