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2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Financial Economics Emphasis

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Degree Type Offered: Emphasis

Consists of 18 credit hours. Majors in economics can acquire additional depth in finance by pursuing the emphasis in financial economics. 6 credits from the emphasis may be applied to the requirements for the economics major. 

BUS-201 Principles of Accounting I

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Accounting for sole proprietorships and corporations, accounting records, processing accounting information and financial statement content.

BUS-202 Principles of Accounting II

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Accounting for partnerships, time-value of money applications, cash flows, budgeting, cost determination, responsibility accounting, and decision-driven financial information. Prerequisite: BUS-201

BUS-371 Intermediate Accounting I

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

A two-course examination of financial accounting issues. BUS 371 focuses on accounting theory, FASB's conceptual framework, GAAP & IFRS presentations for financial statements. Prerequisite: BUS-202

BUS-430 Investments

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Introduction to security selection and portfolio management in global financial markets, including the theoretical and practical aspects of asset allocation and stock and bond valuation. Prerequisite: BUS-202 or permission of the instructor Offered alternate years: 2018-2019

BUS-448 Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Capstone course for the finance emphasis focusing on strategic issues such as capital budgeting, the cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, and debt and equity financing. Case studies are used to develop analytical skills and enhance student understanding of the practical application of financial theory. Prerequisites: BUS-320 or concurrent enrollment in BUS-371 Offered alternate years: 2019-2020

Students choosing to double major in economics and business administration may not earn both the financial economics emphasis in economics and the finance emphasis in business administration.