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2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Family Life Education Concentration

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Degree Type Offered: Concentration

For students in any major wishing to work in a community setting as a family life educator. Consists of 15-16 credit hours distributed as follows:

FCS-408X Parent and Child Relations

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Overview of the process of parenting in diverse cultural and familial structures. Exploration of issues related to parenting at various stages of development, as well as formation of parenting goals and styles. Emphasis placed on parent-child interactions through the child rearing years. Provides an emphasis on evidence-based practices and evaluation of programming. Prerequisites: FILA-150 or FILA-350 FILA general education: experiential learning

PSY-380 Human Sexuality

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Overview of the psychological, social and biological aspects of sexuality that will be of use for communicating with romantic partners, doctors and family members. Topics include: sexual anatomy and physiology, sexually transmitted diseases, methods of contraception, prenatal sexual differentiation, sex research, attraction and love, sexual orientation and sexual dysfunction, and sexual ethics. Prerequisites: PSY-101 or SOC-101 and junior or senior standing

FCS-440 Family Life Education Methodology

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Critical examination of principles of the general philosophy and broad principles of family life education in conjunction with the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate such educational programs. An understanding of the character and quality of human social conduct, and the ability to critically examine ethical questions and issues as they relate to professional practice and community concerns and values.

Human Development and Family Science

Choose one course from the following :

FCS-345 Child Development

Credits: 4 Term Offered: Fall and Spring

Examine issues related to physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of the child from conception through early adolescence. Students will develop theoretical and practical knowledge of child development concepts. Provisions are made for observing and working with preschool children. Prerequisite: junior standing

FCS-319 Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Students will examine family and interpersonal relationships from a variety of theoretical and conceptual frameworks to gain an understanding of the changes in society relative to marriage and family. Students will engage in critical examination of issues related to families, work, and their interrelationships. Using family science theories, students will consider the contextual factors that influence the family. Emphasis placed upon the reciprocal impacts of relationships within the family and a person's relationships to individuals and society. This course focuses on family as a basic social institution, the various theoretical perspectives on the family, and provides an overview of current social scientific research on the family. The history, structure, and functions of the family will be addressed as will topics such as dating, cohabitation, marriage, parenting, family violence, and divorce. Corequisites: FILA-150 or FILA-350 FILA general education: social sciences

FCS-430 Family Resource Management

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Examines issues related to management process and its significance on the quality of life experienced by families with consideration of values, goals, standards, decision making and allocation of resources. Topics include development and allocation of resources, social environment influences, life cycle and family structure influences and consumer issues and decisions. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing

FCS-347 Family Law and Public Policy

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Students will develop an understanding of the legal issues, policies, and law influencing the well-being of families. Topics include family and the law relating to marriage, divorce, family support, child custody, child protection and rights, family planning, social services, education, the economy religion, and public policy as it affects the family, including tax, civil rights, social security, economic support laws, and regulations.

Interpersonal Relationships

Choose one course from the following :

COMM-327 Interpersonal Communication

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Spring Only

Examines issues related to communication within personal and professional relationships. Students will develop theoretical and practical understandings of verbal and nonverbal communication, the role of technology in interpersonal communication and how interpersonal communication functions to develop, negotiate, maintain and terminate relationships.

COMM-427 Communication in Romantic Relationships

Credits: 3 Term Offered: Fall Only

Examines issues and research related to communication in romantic relationships including serial arguments, conflict management, technology mediated communication, power dynamics, and post-dissolutional communication. Particular emphasis will be placed on examining the utility of popular press relationship advice by comparing and contrasting with empirical research. Offered alternate years