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Career Services and Internships

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The office of career services is committed to helping students achieve their education and career aspirations. Whether seeking employment or graduate school upon graduation, the office assists students as they find their professional pathways, beginning in their first year and continuing throughout their four year experience and beyond.

During their first year, students develop a greater sense of who they are, what they want and how they can achieve success through a degree from Bridgewater College. Individual counseling and assessment tools are available to help in choosing majors that are right for them and for teaching them how to use the resources for beginning career exploration.

As sophomores, students start to explore interests relative to future occupations. The office of career services has abundant resources through consultation with knowledgeable career services staff and on its website.

As juniors, students work toward building relevant experiential learning opportunities to complement classroom theory and practice. The office of career services coordinates the College’s internship program and can help students find meaningful internships that will have significance for their major and career choices. Completing an internship is strongly recommended. During the junior year, it is also important to develop skills in leadership, community awareness, citizenship, teamwork and critical thinking. The office of career services can help identify collegiate activities that will provide avenues for demonstrated competencies in these areas. Students should start practicing résumé and cover letter development and interviewing skills, as well as researching graduate school programs, testing requirements and employers in their areas of interest.

As seniors, students are completing what they need to graduate and be ready for the next step, whether in graduate school or the workforce. The office of career services helps students every step of the way through informative materials and programming, such as workshops on job searching, interviewing, résumé writing, identifying internships and preparing for graduate school; events for networking, such as professional receptions and alumni networking opportunities; interaction with employers through career fairs, recruiter visits and employer programs; and preparation for the graduate school application process. The office of career services is available to work with each student on an individual basis to ensure that she or he feels confident and ready for the next step after Bridgewater.

Students pursuing a graduate degree from Bridgewater College have access to all services and resources that career services offers, including résumé development, job search strategy, profes­sional networking and interviewing skills. The office will work with graduate students individu­ally to assist in the smooth transition from graduate studies to career.

Career services information can be found on MyBC or at There students can find a comprehensive overview of the available resources as they explore, prepare for and attain their career goals and dreams.