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The Bridgewater Experience

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Welcome to the Bridgewater Experience. Bridgewater College is committed to empowering every student to excel in their future lives and careers, embrace lifelong learning, understand personal and civic responsibility, develop ethical values and become leaders in a global society.
Bridgewater offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in more than 60 majors and minors, as well as two graduate programs. Through personalized advising programs, rigorous academics and strong pre-professional programs, you will be prepared to pursue the career you desire. Learning at Bridgewater College reaches far beyond the classroom...and far beyond the academic. Students develop not only intellectually, but also socially, ethically and spiritually.
International study opportunities and global perspectives on campus will challenge you to consider new ideas through the diverse array of cultures, interests and beliefs in both the campus community and the broader world.

Your classes will illustrate the challenge of understanding and taking responsibility for the civic institutions on which we and our local, national and international communities depend. The College fosters such responsibility by preparing you to think critically and evaluate evidence, developing thoughtful stewardship for the earth’s beauty and resources, and encouraging you to reflect on and fulfill your role as a local, national and global citizen.

You will have exceptional opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty mentors and engage in personalized independent study or directed research. In addition, learning through real-world internships and practicums is a critical part of career preparation at Bridgewater.

With approximately 80 clubs and organizations, there is an opportunity for everyone to be involved on campus. Theatrical and musical performances are integral to campus life, and almost a third of the student body participates in intercollegiate athletics at the NCAA Division III level.

Bridgewater nurtures its members’ ethical and spiritual development by providing varied opportunities for religious expression and by equipping students to critically consider their ethical choices and spiritual orientations. Valuing inquiry as much as answers, in matters spiritual as well as intellectual, the College embraces diverse approaches to spirituality within and outside the Christian faith, prescribing no single path for its members. The community values inclusive and open conversation about religious matters, while respecting those who consider their spiritual quest to be a private concern.

Bridgewater also educates students to live healthy lives. This includes courses, athletics, intramural sports and programs in which students apply the concepts of physical and emotional wellness to their lives in an ongoing and meaningful way.

As a Bridgewater student, you will be an active, engaged, contributing member of a learning community that was founded and has been sustained for the purpose of empowering graduates to use their education for the common good. Your personal goals and capabilities will be nurtured to their full potential as you are equipped to fulfill those aspirations in an increasingly global, technologically driven, complex society.